Blackjack’s History

Vince Schmuhl

The first Blackjack Pizza was opened in Federal Heights, CO by Vince Schmuhl. Vince worked at a pizzeria for several years. Realizing there was only one major pizza delivery business in the Rocky Mountain Region, he felt customers would appreciate a better alternative to satisfy their pizza cravings.

The Federal Heights location opened on June 20th 1983 and was quickly followed by a Greeley location the following year. By 1986 there were six corporate owned Blackjack Pizzas and one franchisee in operation. In 1988 Blackjack officially

Blackjack officially became a franchisor in 1988 using the concept of an owner/operator franchisee at each store location. Several corporate stores were sold to franchisees, and other franchisees were added to the system through conversions of independent operators who saw the value in being part of Blackjack Pizza

Blackjack has continued to add franchise outlets to the system under a policy of slow, controlled growth. Today there are 42 stores operating in five states.

What made us think that we could compete with national chains? It’s the passion that we put into our products. Our handcrafted products are made in house from our pizzas and breads to our salads dressings and success. We care to provide you with nothing but the best freshest ingredients and never frozen cheese blends. Our commitment to quality sets us apart from our competition.